Friday, September 4, 2009

Time Keeps on Ticking

Wow, can you believe it has already been more than a year since I started this blog? If you haven't followed since the beginning, then you might not know that I originally created ReJo (as I'll now refer to the site, and as it is referenced in the new logo in the new title banner above, featuring a quill pen and a sword) as a way to keep track of thoughts during my graduate internship during grad school. This will be the 285th post on the site in just a little more than one year. Not too shabby, I'd say. I know the posts probably started out a little scattered and long-winded, but I hope that I've gradually narrowed my posts (a process I'll admit I'm still working on) into shorter, more-interesting musings.

Since I started the blog, I've finished my Master's degree and am very close to landing a job in public relations, or at least a related field (that is yet to be determined). I also created my online portfolio, a tool that has been very helpful in the job-searching process, as employers in my field constantly want to see work samples. Not only do I have tons posted on there, but the site itself is a work sample! I also recently started Relatively Reviewing (likely to be shortened in most references to ReRev), and I hope that it gets off the ground and that I can get some good volunteers to take over most of the work on that as I transition into the workforce.

I thought it might be fun to take a look back at the various evolutions of ReJo thus far. Check it out below.

Stage One
The original title banner was as eclectic, messy and varied (featuring the Memorial Fountain at Marshall University, the New River Gorge Bridge, Virginia Tech's signature building, the Cascades and the Mill Mountain Star) as the first few months of the blog itself were.

Stage Two
The fall brought with it a great banner featuring fall colors (and Hokie colors), along with a classy maple leaf and me looking at myself. Why? I don't know either. But with less internship stuff to talk about came more PR and journalism topics discussed in my grad school classes and in the news. I also wrote some about fall sports and my thoughts on the historic 2008 election.

Stage Three
This spring-time adjustment brought a new banner (featuring a way-too-close awkward angle of my headshot) and a green theme. (Go Herd!) It also meant more fewer, shorter posts. I still hadn't quite found the perfect niche for the blog, but it was closer.

Stage Four
I had wanted to do a winter theme on the blog, but the fall-to-spring academic semester thinking I suppose stopped me from doing that. However, I went ahead and used a blue-and-white theme because of its visually calming appeal and created a banner that went along with it. Yeah, so the end of spring and most of the summer of 2009, this is what you've seen — my winter theme and a banner where I'm wearing a sweater. Heh. Oops. I did include keywords on the banner though that really highlighted where I want to take the blog in terms of niche. It looks like a lot, but so many of those things could be grouped together. Media encompasses journalism, PR, the Web and many other things to me. I will no longer likely write too much about education because I'm not currently in school (don't worry, I'll get that Ph.D. someday). You get the idea. Things are getting better. I might post a photo or video from time to time, or maybe I'll write a short post on a fun subject, but the blog definitely has more focus and has since I started using this theme. I'm pretty happy with where things are headed.

Stage Five — The Present
Annnd heeeree we areee. This is the new title banner you see above, and while I have only changed some minor things about the design of the site, it's simpler, cleaner and easier on the eyes now, I think. The wintry blue text is now the Web standard of black, but there are still shades of my favorite, calming color present. I decided to try a bit of branding with the ReJo, as I realize Relatively Journalizing might be a bit of a mouthful at times. I also placed some focus on those two words though by showing that the blog's title came out the words for my two areas of expertise. The logo I designed myself, with the sword beneath the quill pen, but present. I wouldn't expect a whole lot of changes from what you've seen posted on the blog since Stage Four, but I do hope that once I get a job (which I'm thinking and hoping will be very, very soon) I'll have some additional insights on strategic communication to add regularly.

Thanks for reading, and spread the word about ReJo. Send the link out on Twitter or Facebook for me, OK? Let me know as well if you'd like to guest post here or on ReRev, or if you'd like to try to take on some other role. I'm certainly open to collaboration and taking opportunities as they arise. Technorati appraises this blog's worth at about $3,000, so I likely will look to monetize soon with some Google AdSense or something. We shall see what happens. Until next time!


ibvirginian said...

I love the redesign, Josh. Kudos on the logo as well. "Pen is mightier than the sword" and whatnot. Perfect for you. Great job.

JD said...

Hey, thanks man, I appreciate it. The product of unemployment I guess that I get all of these crazy ideas and free time. I think I'm really close to a job, though.

Hope all is well, bro.

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