Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Value of an Online Portfolio

Have you ever thought about creating an online portfolio of your work? Well, don't think twice, because this could be a valuable asset during your recession (or any time) job hunt. While I have yet to land a job, I'm playing the waiting game with some potential employers where I've interviewed as I write this, and getting to the interview stage is a pretty big accomplishment in my book.

If you work in an industry such as public relations where you create visual and/or textual products, then having an online portfolio of work samples is a must. I wasn't sure if this would help me impress potential employers, but I did want to have my work readily available somewhere other than on my own hard drive. As it turns out, every employer that has contacted me so far has asked if I can show them work samples. And, they have seemed to like that I give them a quick dot-com ( where they can check out samples just by clicking on thumbnails of news releases, graphic design projects and more.

We'll see if this all becomes part of something that leads to finally getting work in the field, but it's definitely nice to have this resource to set you apart from others who might not have samples readily available. In the current job market, anything you can do to prove your work ethic and value to potential employers must be done, so stop waiting! Go create that online portfolio now!

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