Sunday, June 28, 2009

What I Learned: Part 8 (The Finale)

This blog post is the eighth in a series where I go through my college transcripts, class-by-class, to determine what exactly it was that I spent six years learning. Come with me on this magical journey that might lead me to the promised land of employment and the American dream! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7.)

What I Learned: The Finale — Top 10 Things College Taught Me
If you've missed the story so far, check out parts one through seven at the links above. In this final installment, I'll group the conclusions drawn from the original seven posts and expound on them here to determine exactly what I spent six years learning while earning my Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
  1. Plan ahead when you take courses and jobs as a teenager. Try your best to determine how much you will actually be able to use the related skills learned in the future. Are you potentially wasting time?
  2. Have fun, and forge a few good friendships. Don't miss out on opportunities when you are young that might not present themselves when you are older.
  3. Destiny has a sense of humor, and we can't really predict the future in terms of what to pay the most attention to now in order to prepare for the future. Take life as it comes, and realize that everything is eventually interconnected. Don't ignore any details.
  4. Take the good with the bad, persevere, adjust fire, and go on down range again.
  5. Practical, hands-on experience with specific skills are the most valuable courses one can take.
  6. Exposure to new, sometimes disturbingly unfamiliar, things can often help you reap great rewards.
  7. It make take a while to find what you are truly passionate about and good at, and it might take even longer before that's actually what you get to spend your life doing.
  8. Education is not a job guarantee, regardless of what the trumpeters of academia have society convinced of.
  9. Again, don't waste time. Ever. You can't get it back.
  10. Good research skills are the first needed attribute in just about any profession.


Andrew Johnson said...

I am going to completely steal this idea, and put the JohnsoNation spin on it.

JD said...

LOL feel free, I'll link to it when you do.

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