Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Alliance

The Great Blog War, Part V (Parts I, II, III and IV)

It appears that both Paddles (Alex) and Harry Potter (Evan) have decided to bring war to the blogosphere by ignoring facts and making unfounded accusations about how people smell as opposed to actually proving a point.

I'll start by addressing recent claims made at Blog! regarding the topic of games, as were Evan paying attention, he would realize that he has actually allied with me, therefore meaning NUFAH is doomed to fail in its attempt to spread the mind-robbing disease known as sudokulisarrea.

Evan writes that, "Relatively Journalizing seems to think crosswords are superior (to sudoku puzzles)." However, never did my original post say this. In fact, I wrote that Alex "fails to acknowledge the hundreds of other games available for play" therefore advocating for neither sudoku nor crossword puzzles. I call them mediocre games akin to each other, both played primarily by old people, in fact. (Note: because Alex admits to having a sudoku puzzle book on the back of his toilet, he is officially old.) So, thank you, Evan, for making my argument for me in your own post that posits video games as the best kind of games. Though your point is vague and broad (considering video games come in many genres), you are indeed correct. Had you paid attention to what I actually said, we could have formed an alliance much sooner.

As for Alex, he asked for the wrath of such an alliance of awesomeness to be brought upon him by lumping Evan and I into a category of not-smelling-goodness together. I sniffed myself just now. I, actually, smell very good — a mixture of honey and the springs of Ireland, I do believe. I sniffed Evan last night at a basketball game while he wasn't paying attention (because I pre-emptively am able to predict Alex's lame attacks), and he in fact smells nice as well. Funny that the treehugger is criticizing smellyness. His recent post is mostly jibberish anyway, as he admits to blatantly making up most of the facts within it.

Sudoku and cutesy copyrighted terms about sudoku won't save you, NUFAH. The Great Blog War shall soon come to a triumphant end — but not for you.

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