Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Student Bloggers Adds Editors

My good friend, Alexander Bea, started Student Bloggers (dot org) with a dream to develop a place on the Internet where all collegiate Internet writers could come together to share their views, opinions, experiences and love for social media.

I'll admit, when he first started up the site, I was surprised it didn't already exist somewhere. Kudos to Alex for recognizing the need for a worldwide database of student blogs and a way for all of us to connect. As I graduate with my M.A. in May, I imagine my blog will move to the alumni tab on Student Bloggers soon, but the brief time that I have been a stublogger (Alex's term, not mine) has been great.

As you might imagine, managing a site that has exploded into something so great and successful becomes basically a full-time job (one that Alex does not yet get paid for, as he reminds readers). I doubt it will be much longer before someone wants to buy up Alex's work or at the very least begin advertising, as the database has expanded quite a bit (so I imagine readership numbers/unique hits are on the rise). To help with all of the added responsibility, Alex put out a call for editors of Student Bloggers. I am not sure that these students have any more free time than I do, so I applaud them for stepping up and taking on the extra work for those of us who feel too busy to do so at this time. The site has added three editors, in addition to its founder, Mr. Bea.

So, to Ashley, Dara and another friend of mine, Kelvin (yes, the synchroblogging guy), thanks and congratulations in your new role as a Student Bloggers editor. I wish all four editors the best of luck and more growth for Student Bloggers. From Relatively Journalizing and all its readers, keep up the good work, and keep the conversation going with the world's young and bright social media gurus.

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The College Blog Network said...

Very cool, glad to see SB getting some more action. We love what they are doing over there. Stay tuned on the TCBN front too, big changes on the way ;)