Friday, January 23, 2009

Changes (Finally), And More to Come

So you may notice that I have finally changed the theme of Relatively Journalizing a little bit. I've been meaning to do this since after Thanksgiving. The maroon and orange theme was really nice, and I think that the autumn title banner will long be one of my favorites. However, I felt as though the blog needed a more wintry appeal (as we are well into winter). I finally had a little bit of time to work on a new title banner and color scheme, so here we go! The good thing about this one is it looks pretty generic, so even if I don't get time to move into a spring layout, then this one will do until... well, until I do what I eventually want to do with this blog.

You may well know that this blog was originally started to chronicle my graduate-level public relations internship almost one year ago. It has, as you will know if you have read many posts, evolved into a much larger beast since then. I mostly have used this spot on the Web as a forum to discuss topics that interest me, trying more and more to narrow them as I go along. If you can make out some of the keywords in the background of the new banner, then you'll see the main things I blog about. I will not be a student for much longer, so the college/graduate school stuff is likely temporary. Therefore, my main foci are public relations, journalism, new media/Web 2.0, politics and sports.

What you may not know is that around the same time I started this blog I was working on a separate Web site to create as my working resumé and portfolio on the Web to share with employers. I probably have only about 5 percent of my clips and other work scanned in, but my goal is to someday finish that process and the design of that site. I would love to have a place where I could point potential employers where all of my best work is available. I think such a resource would be both impressive and convenient.

So, where is the future of Relatively Journalizing?

I envision the future of this site as having it merge with my portfolio site someday. As I advance in my career, I imagine that this blog will become even more professionally oriented, sharing experiences and questions with other public relations practitioners and the like. Until then, you'll still be seeing a lot of the usual content, and it's likely you'll even hear about my first adventures in finding a real job and entering the professional world (OK, I've already had some real jobs, but my first career-oriented job).

What do I have in the works right now?

You may have seen the Social Media Survey post and/or the post announcing that I had closed the survey to begin analyzing data. I have indeed analyzed that data and created visual graphs of the results, so as soon as I'm finished writing that post, it should be the next one you see. I think the results are pretty neat, and depending on what kind of feedback I get and what sort of discussion ensues, I might do something similar in the future.

Also, I'll write about ridiculous university policies, the need for academics to conform in some cases, an NFL playoffs predictions recap and some vlogging. I hope to finally restart my custom domain name and get some more guest posting going on as soon as time allows as well. So stay tuned to Relatively Journalizing!

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