Monday, December 1, 2008

VT Misses Opportunities on Offense... Again. Hokies Headed to ACC Title Game... Again. Hokies Will Play Boston College... Again.

So Virginia Tech pulled off the squeaker versus rival Virginia this past Saturday. The game ended in a W for the Hokies at 17-14. But it should've been 30-14.

A missed field goal in the first quarter was three points, that would have made the score 20-14 in the end.

A Glennon interception in the second quarter (in the end zone) would have been seven points. Senior day or no senior day, someone on the coaching staff should have remembered Glennon's lack of clutchiness during the last five years. The score could've been up to 27-14 after the extra point in the end.

A turnover on downs in the third quarter should have just been a FG. Why risk it when you can just take the points? The final score could have been 30-14 with this FG.

Here are three instances where the Hokies themselves had to do absolutely nothing different than what they did except have better playcalling from the coaching staff. The missed FG was because of a bad angle set up by terrible playcalling from the offensive coordinator, the bonehead Bryan Stinespring. The interception could have been an accurate throw by Tyrod Taylor (or perhaps a bulldozer by Greg Boone or at least a play for fellow senior Cory Holt). And the 4th-down attempt in place of points on the board marks about the gazillionth time the Beamerites have made this same stupefying mistake — the Hokies could have at least two more wins this season if this decision had not been repeated over and over again.

The Hokies are the best team with the number of young players they have in college football. However, they almost were embarrassed at home by a less-than-mediocre UVA team because of stone-age playcalling. If the Hokies want to win their rematch with Boston College in the championship game in Tampa Bay for the second year in a row, they absolutely have to play as good as they always do, but the offensive calls absolutely have to be better. The players are doing their part. The defense is most certainly doing its part. But where are the special teams and offense and just downright sensemaking skills? Someone had better find Beamer Ball before Saturday at 1 p.m. in Florida.

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