Friday, December 12, 2008

Share Your Supper

Last Sunday, I asked you to share your office space. So, today, share your supper! Take a picture of your colorful, tasty or random meal, and post a link in the comments section of this post.

Here, you'll see a meal I made the other night. It's rice with fresh carrots and snow peas that have been sautéed with shrimp and a touch of olive oil and Hoisin sauce. Now, I didn't make the sushi myself, but the fabulous sushi chef at the University City Boulevard Kroger put together the California rolls paired with fish and ebi (shrimp). Delicious! What did you cook up?


The Fourth Estate and The Third said...

I've been eating dinner at work lately, but here is something fun I had September 9 in Philly while waiting for a train into NYC to see Equus:

It's gator bites with remoulade and seaweed salad. DELISH!

JD said...

Mmm gator bites! Can't beat that. I love gator, crawfish, etc. Sort of makes me contemplate going to the local cajun restaurant in Blacksburg called Boudreaux's (also in Charlotte). Yummy stuff!

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