Sunday, December 7, 2008

Share Your Office Space

Your office says a lot about who you are. So I'm sharing this snapshot of my own office at Virginia Tech (OK, my corner of an office I share with two other graduate students).

You'll see I have pennants representing my high school, my alma mater and my graduate school, in addition to sports posters and memorabilia. You'll also notice a picture on the window sill of me and my lovely girlfriend. Of course, there is plenty of Army paraphernalia scattered about as well, including an Abrams tank and a Bradley fighting vehicle. I have yet to grade some work and read some journals you'll see there mixed in with the random Post-Its and Taco Bell fire sauce packets. And don't forget my awesome clock!

Now that I've shared a part of my life, share a part of yours. Post a link to your office space in the comments section.

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