Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Snap! It's Gingersnap Lattes with a Hint of Gross!

Starbucks always has their lineup of holiday drinks, and after the Pumpkin Spice Latte fever wraps up from the autumn, I'm ready for Gingerbread Lattes. Except, this year, Starbucks made Gingersnap Lattes. While the drinks ultimately taste the same (though the 'bread latte had a sweeter, smoother flavor altogether), Starbucks thought it would be a great idea to put pieces of ginger in the drink. I'm not freaking joking, just read the description from Starbucks' Web site.

Yeah, so you get near the bottom of your drink, and you take a swig, and you swallow some chunks. And these chunks taste gross, and they stick in the back of your throat. You can't ever seem to swallow them, but you can't seem to get them up to spit them out either. Perhaps they are gone, and it's just my mind tricking me into thinking those disgusting chunks of ginger are still there. I must admit, this was quite a surprise to me, and it'll be a while before I don't feel grossed out or want Starbucks again. And when I do, I think I'll stick to my Americanos. Sorry, I just don't like sushi condiments in my lattes.

Here are some other bloggers with the same complaint, and even what you get as search results if you search Starbucks' own forums for "gingersnap." Hopefully, Starbucks is listening:

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