Sunday, December 28, 2008

Honorably Discharged

Well, if we're Facebook friends or real-life friends, chances are you already knew about this, but I've been "honorably discharged" from the military. My separation date was 7 October 2008, but I just got the certificate in the mail a couple of weeks ago and snapped this photo (which I made my Facebook profile picture at the time).

I'm still not comfortable enough to write everything I would like to write about my time in the military because one thing the recruiters don't like to emphasize is your IRR (inactive ready reserve) time. Yeah, that's right, even though I have this certificate, the Army could still call me up for two more years, in addition to the six I have already served. Perhaps in October 2010, I will write a tell-all memoir about the things I witnessed, heard and experienced in the military — some good, some astoundingly ridiculous.

All in all, it was a good ride. I wouldn't do it differently because, heck, I got my undergraduate education paid for and earned some money on the side through drills and annual trainings. I got a bonus, too, though it pales in comparison to what people are getting now... we hadn't gone to Iraq yet when I enlisted in 2002. Oh yeah, and they paid that bonus in like four payments and taxed it each time. But I digress...

...I met some great people during my time in the military, and I will always cherish that time and those friendships. I think I will always think like and sometimes act like a soldier, but it is nice to close this chapter on my life and move on to the future — honorably.

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