Sunday, December 14, 2008

FedEx Fail

Well, I'll be shipping from now on with UPS any time I have a choice after FedEx (no, they don't get hyperlinked) lost a package of mine earlier this month. FedEx's shipping doesn't even make sense. You should not have to send a package from me to my neighbor through your hub, especially the hub (read: black hole) in Memphis, Tenn.

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I had to get my Apple charger replaced (for the second time; it's become a once-a-year thing) because it was much like this, only mine was on the other end near the block itself. It's a very common problem (just Google it and check out some of the forums), but at least Apple is being a good sport about it and replacing them for free until they give you one that lasts. Their rival, Microsoft, would likely just spend millions of dollars on an advertising campaign about nothing and still not fix any actual problems (and would probably make you pay for it). What? They did that? Hm...

Anyway, I became suspicious when my overnight shipping from Apple was stuck at the FedEx hub in Memphis for about three days after arriving there Dec. 4. I called FedEx, who ran a trace on the package only to confirm — they were unable to locate it at this time. Translation: they lost it. They then told me it was my responsibility to contact Apple to get a new one shipped, and that by providing Apple with the tracking number of the lost (misplaced) package, I would be able to get them to send me a new one.

As I write this, I'm on the phone with Lisa at Apple, who finds the whole situation pretty ridiculous, and right now I'm on hold because her supervisors don't seem to know what to do about FedEx's incompetency. I asked her to send it UPS, and she found that sort of funny, but said she unfortunately couldn't pull that off. Ah, as it turns out, they are asking FedEx (so, as my friend Lisa said, knock on wood) to get a new package here. If FedEx finds the original package, they'll send it back to Apple, and I won't be charged for it of course (Apple charges $72 if you don't send back your broken charger).

Great customer service as always (from people who speak great English and who never make you wait before answering the phone) from Apple. Somewhat rude customer service from the people at FedEx when I called, and one person I could barely understand and who kept asking me the same thing as though she wasn't concerned/paying attention. Big shout out of thanks to Lisa, who I think actually said she was Canadian (she said y'know a lot, but definitely sounded more intelligent than Sarah Palin).

But the worst part of all of this, is the time and resources that FedEx wastes in shipping. I'm sure this is the same for many organizations worldwide, and maybe it does reduce costs and energy use overall, but I just somehow find it difficult to fathom. It makes me a little angry to know that my package went within miles of my home, only to go be delivered to Elvis instead of me. When I used Google maps to determine the quickest route from Middletown, Penn. (where the tracking number page said the package originated), to Memphis, I found out that it's likely the package came down I-81 and right through Roanoke, Va., within miles of here (see the screenshot of the map). FedEx, fail! Apple, FTW (as long as you fix those chargers soon)!


Kelvin Oliver said...

It happens. I have problems with FedEx in the past months with the delivering of my laptop from DEll INC. back to my home while being shipped passed Memphis to another city. Took them forever and I was pissed myself.

JD said...

Yes, I wonder how many problems they have with the Memphis hub. The girl I talked to on the phone told me about her friend who had to get something shipped from her bank in Canada via FedEx... FedEx actually took it from the bank, to Memphis, then all the way back up to Canada to the girl. It was delayed for days in Memphis.

I guess Elvis probably has a lot of FedEx packages stowed away somewhere...

Kelvin Oliver said...

Oh wow. That is crazy. I would not think that there could be an issue with with package delay unless the workers are slow or something must be holding the travel process up. Not only is national shipping services can be pesky and delayed, but the mail services at the University is slow, too.