Saturday, December 13, 2008

2009 BCS Bowl Prediction Review

So, back in October, I predicted the BCS bowl game teams. Here are picks with the actual results:

Fiesta Bowl
My pick: Oklahoma State vs. South Florida
Actual: Ohio State vs. Texas
Comment: Texas should be playing for the national championship. And Ohio State shouldn't be allowed in a BCS bowl game for at least 10 years. Oklahoma State had a good season, but South Florida fizzled out mid-season.
My points: 0

Rose Bowl
My pick: Southern California vs. Alabama
Actual: Southern California vs. Penn State
Comment: USC continues to dominate the PAC-10... it's USC and the PAC-9, essentially. Penn State could be playing for a national title if not for a trip-up against the Hawkeyes. Alabama actually ended up being picked to the Sugar Bowl, which means I was at least correct that they would not play for the national championship but would see BCS action.
My points: 1.25

Sugar Bowl
My pick: Ohio State vs. Florida
Actual: Alabama vs. Utah
Comment: Well, I put Ohio State in a bowl game, at least, with my picks. So, that's something. And Florida ended up in the national title game. Alabama probably is a good fit here, but I'm not sure Utah will hold up in a BCS game as well as Boise State would have. However, if there's an upset to watch out for, I say it's this one.
My points: .5

Orange Bowl
My pick: Virginia Tech vs. Boise State
Actual: Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati
Comment: We all knew the Hokies would win, but we never thought they'd really salvage a Big East team to put back in the Orange Bowl. Last year, when WVU was actually decent, they didn't give the Big East their bid to the Orange Bowl, so I didn't expect it this year from anyone, especially because the Big East teams were all poor this year. I think Hokies fans are a little let-down to have to play the Big Least Bearcats who almost lost to Hawaii in their last regular-season game. Tickets sales for the Orange Bowl (which is even farther away for Cincy fans) are proving that this will likely be a very boring game. I think I speak for most Hokie fans that we would rather have seen a matchup like last year's Kansas with a good team from the Big 12 or anywhere besides the Big East. Boise State, an undefeated team, would've been a great matchup here.
My points: 1

National Championship
My pick: Penn State vs. Texas
Actual: Florida vs. Oklahoma
Comment: I still think my Texas pick is right here. Texas beat Oklahoma. And the only team Texas lost to was one that tied with Oklahoma (and Texas) for first place in their division. Texas fans got as crapped on this year as Missouri fans did last season. Florida, now I think they deserve it. And I hope they destroy Oklahoma so Texas fans can argue that their team would've won out.
My points: .5

Total points: 3.25/10. Better luck next year...

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