Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Hi there, readers of Relatively Journalizing! It's Sunday, and Josh is busy catching up on homework and recovering from game day and the Dino concert and Saturday's homework. So, guess what? I've taken over blogging responsibilities today!

Let me introduce myself — my name is Penny. I'm an orange cat. That's really all you need to know (see photo). I spend most of my time sleeping on the side table in the living room, sleeping on a cooler by the front door or sleeping anywhere else I can find. Basically, I just sleep a whole lot. I hate playing with toys, and I might watch a laser-pointer beam, but forget chasing anything. Oh, and I also like to eat Meow Mix. That's pretty much my life. When Josh comes home in the evenings, I meow and chatter a lot and make him pet me for a couple of hours, and I always make sure he gives me a Whisker Lickins treat before bed. But enough about me!

So what do I intend to write about today? Well, not much, really. I just wanted to let you get to know me this time around, but I promise to come back and write some cat-related musings in the future. Leave comments regarding what you'd like to hear about!

Josh will return tomorrow to begin another great week of blog posts, including postgame discussion about VT vs. Maryland, and of course PR/journalism and graduate school posts. Also, Josh will attend Marshall University's homecoming next weekend, so there should be some stuff about that as well! Have a purrrrrfect rest of your weekend!

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