Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Office: Not Quite Boston Legal (This Season Anyway)

Anyone else out there in the blogosphere thinking that the last few episodes of "The Office" just haven't been that strong? I miss the office antics, and I'm not sure the side-story dramas really fit into the show. What are your thoughts? Perhaps tomorrow night's show will be better. I sure hope so, as this is one of my favorite shows (along with "Boston Legal" and "Scrubs"). Speaking of my favorite shows, I have to share with you this scene from the "Boston Legal" that aired the night before Election Day. This is one show that has yet to disappoint this season. Catch up on episodes at!

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The College Blog Network said...

I don't know about you but I thought last weeks episode of the office was by-far the best episode this season. Is this season as good as other seasons, no, but was last episode awesome? yes.

The michael-dwight-jim staged call bit had me literally rolling over laughing.