Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fire Bryan Stinespring (No, Really, Do It Now)

Does anyone at VT athletics realize that there are about 18 Facebook groups dedicated to getting Offensive Coordinator Bryan Stinespring fired (ranging from five to hundreds of members)? I know even Stiney himself is cognizant of the Fire Bryan Stinespring blog. What will it take? Shouldn't sports involve some level of democracy? Shouldn't the student body and alumni have some say in who coaches the team that represents their school on national television? Perhaps after this dismal season, someone will see the light. Unfortunately, as clueless as everyone seems over there in Merryman, it might be Bud Foster who sees the light — at Clemson, Washington or anywhere else his genius might be appreciated.

And you should probably check out this thread from It's only one of many from frustrated fans on the sports forums, VT fan sites and the blogosphere.

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