Monday, November 10, 2008

Extra Edition: Microsoft Still Sucks

So I just saw the latest in Microsoft's terrible new "Life Without Walls" campaign that started with the Gates-Seinfeld "What's Next?" ads that showcased Microsoft's inability to ever really connect with regular people. But I digress. So the newest set of ads uses video uploaded by PC users, basically reiterating the message from the "I'm a PC" ads we've seen during the last month or so. I just saw this ad, and at the end, it tells you to go to and "upload yourself."

Yeah, so I was going to be a smart ass and upload a message about how I was using my Mac's built-in iSight and talk about Microsoft's poor business model and its terrible relational history with its publics. But I digress again. Anyway, I click the button to upload a video using a Web cam, and what do I get? A message saying "What can you do? Servers are down." I'm not even joking. It brought back memories of blue screens of death and viruses. Microsoft strikes again. On TIME Magazine's scale of shocking, predictable and shockingly predictable, this ranks in the latter category.

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