Sunday, October 12, 2008

You Could Win a Notebook Computer From StudentBloggers.Org — I Can't

For 15 weeks, HP is running this "HP Freshman 15 Giveaway" contest, and contest winners get a notebook computer and a whole bundle of nice stuff. Now, of course, you can't win a Mac, so who cares?

Well, let's face it, not everyone out there is attracted to something flashy, virus-free, fast and auto-defragging. Some of you losers out there may actually prefer a PC. So, perhaps you'd be interested in this contest. What? I sound bitter, you say? No, of course not, it's just that... well... I'm told I can't enter this contest over at Student Bloggers, which launches today.

You see, sometimes having connections isn't really a good thing. Alex Bea, founder, manager, el presidente, head honcho, overlord and such, at happens to be my colleague in the graduate program for communication at Virginia Tech. What this means for me is I know a really cool guy named Alex (but on the downside, he turns out to be stingy). What it also means is that he doesn't think it would be "fair" to let myself, Stephen, Evan or Gordon enter the contest because it could be some sort of conflict of interest. OK, Alex, fair enough, just don't be surprised when we don't invite you out for — well, nevermind.

So Mr. Ethical has the complete power to give away this one technological bundle, by however means he sees fit, to a college blogger that enters the contest on Yet, Mr. Sorry-That-Might-Be-Like-I-Gave-Preference-To-My-Friends feels the need to exclude the people who really matter in his life — the ones who really got him to where he is. Let's face it, Alex owes his friends his life.

Once, during a horrible storm that occurred late at night, I gave Alex a jump start when his car's battery died. Without that act of kindness, he would've been forced to walk home, probably being struck by lightning. Another time, Alex locked himself out of his office, and Stephen had to let him in because they were officemates. Without the help of Stephen, Alex would have probably had nowhere to use the Internet that night, going into withdrawal and ultimately withering away during a slow death. Evan, our other blogger buddy, has given Alex numerous rides to places, preventing possible muggings and stabbings. I'd be surprised if Alex even let our dear friend Adria enter the contest, even though she is a PC user, and even though she regularly feeds Alex, preventing what would otherwise be a serious case of malnutrition and lack of Vitamin Starburst. Still, after all this, he doesn't think we deserve a free notebook computer!

I'm actually suspicious that Alex will make up a fake blog and pose as a fake student blogger and give himself the notebook, and he's just afraid that we'll find out if he lets us enter because, duh, one of us would definitely have the best entry. So, here's what we have to do to prevent that — you've got to enter to win the notebook. This is the only way to get revenge on Alex. You must submit a stellar entry that even his "great wisdom" can't beat, so he is forced to give up the notebook to a real student blogger like yourself or someone you know. Go here to see details about the contest.

There's also information about the launch on Student Bloggers here.

Now, I could enter one of the other 14 contests, but seriously, who wants a PC? I'll take my big Mac, hold the viruses, the Internet Explorer, the useless pre-installed software, the Vista and the blue screens of death, please.