Monday, October 6, 2008

Virginia Tech Coaches Still Don't Get It

Let's get one thing out of the way — yes, the Hokies beat the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers this weekend at home in Lane Stadium to win their 30th consecutive nonconference home win in front of the homecoming crowd there. The score, while it should've been something like 40-3, was a crowd-angering 27-13. The ESPN recap of the game mentioned VT's "sputtering offense" in the headline. It's obvious the person who wrote the article probably didn't watch the game. The Hokies' first-string offense did a great job, as did the team's defense. It was the coaching staff who sputtered, who has sputtered all season, and who will probably continue to sputter despite the facts because of its utter stubbornness. Let's get one other thing straight. No, Frank Beamer, no matter how much you say it to yourself and the media — Sean Glennon is not going to the NFL. Ever. I'll bet my cat's first-born kitten on it.

It's almost as if the coaching staff for the Hokies doesn't give one iota about the team's ranking or its national reputation. Most people didn't see Saturday's game. Why? Because it wasn't televised. Why? Because the Hilltoppers should have never found the end zone, making for a boring, one-sided game. Instead, rather than seeing the game, everyone else, including a lot of the voters in the polls, will just see the score. A pitiful, pitiful score against a pitiful team that never should've been able to find the end zone (especially with the 13 penalties for 113 yards WKU put up).

So what went wrong? Nothing, for the first string. They did a pretty darn good job. But then when VT got up by a few scores, the coaches decided to let the backups come in — including the worst backup in history, also known as QB Sean Glennon. Glennon was sacked four times in the fourth quarter. Yeah, he just stood there. He can't run his way out of it, and he can't get his brain to think fast enough to throw the ball either. The hamster up there must have been exhausted. The second-line defense didn't do a great job either, but it was Glennon's lack of offensive ability that gave WKU the needed field position to turn it into a real football game late in the fourth. The Hilltoppers had already recovered one onside kick, so a quick score, an onside kick, and another quick score at the last minute would've put what should've been a pushover game into overtime. Ridiculous.

I guess Frank Beamer should go have lunch with Joe Paterno. I mean, Joe and Bobby Bowden are the other two guys in NCAA football with lots of experience (and age), and apparently Beamer is forgetting what it takes to make a national championship run. Check out the scores Paterno's Penn State has posted up this year so far:

vs. Coastal Carolina, 66-10
vs. Oregon State 45-14
vs. Syracuse 55-13
vs. Temple 45-3
vs. Illinois 38-24 (a closer score, but against a ranked team)
vs. Purdue 20-6

You can say, well, Penn State has played a few pushovers in there. Yeah, so has VT with a schedule against teams such as Furman and Western Freaking Kentucky University! Penn State is ranked in the top 10, which means VT could be also if the coaches would leave our first string in and actually showcase what the team can do. As a result of their coaching, the Hokies are the most underrated team in college football. At Saturday's game, the Hokies were in field goal range with half a minute left on the clock. Yeah, they could've tried for the touchdown, or they could have at least kicked the easy field goal before going off the field. Nope, Beamer just let them take a knee and walk off with the two-possession W against what should've been (and was, at one point, before they let Glennon in) a four-possession team. Play until the final whistle blows!

The even worse news is that Kenny Lewis, Jr., ruptured his Achilles during the game, putting him out for the year. The positive side to that is that Lewis wasn't really the impact player he was supposed to be at the beginning of the season. Expect Darren Evans to carry the weight just fine, as he was already doing a better job carrying the ball.

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