Sunday, October 19, 2008

Synchroblogging 2: I'm Usually in a Good Mood When...

This is the second post in a series of sychroblogging organized by my blogger buddy Kelvin of Moments in Time. My first post is here.

The topic last time was about what bugs me, and this time it's the other way around — what makes me happy?

Here's a list of five:

5. Playing multiplayer video games with friends

4. Watching the VT Hokies, the Carolina Panthers, and the MU Thundering Herd win football games

3. Writing (and reading, but it's just not the same as crafting my own story)

2. Doing something destressing, such as going to the shooting range, for example

1. Hanging out with the people who make me happy

1 comment:

Kelvin Oliver said...

This is a very good list of fun and being in a good mood. You have a little bit of everything that makes you happy. I think the best one that is in common with you is writing, distressing myself, and hanging out with others. Good, simple list.