Monday, October 27, 2008

Hokie Recap: Ouch!

Well, nothing I called that needed to happen did happen for a Hokie win Saturday. But talk about some big losses. How's this: not one first or second string player from the original beginning-of-the-season depth chart was left in at quarterback, wide receiver or running back before it was all said and done Saturday.

The Hokies did not go to the air for big yards offensively — but Sean Glennon was starting to make it happen when he came in after starting QB Tyrod Taylor went out with an injury to his left ankle on the first snap of the game (of course, Glennon still got sacked plenty). The Hokies did not block a kick, nor did they return any kicks for touchdowns. And finally, the Hokies did not have any turnovers forced to get the ball within field goal range. Victor "Macho" Harris showed for the second week in a row that he's not all that great defensively as some people would like to think when it comes to big long-passing plays — he was beat plenty of times to let the Florida State Seminoles get big yardage, just like BC's receivers beat him last week. Also, the Hokies squandered away another early 10-0 lead, just like against BC last week.

But let's face it, the VT players really played their hearts out, and with some better coaching, the game might have been entirely different. Cory Holt, the third-string QB, came out and did a pretty good job overall, and he even threw a TD pass. That's good news that means VT might at least be able to keep from being completely embarrassed should neither Glennon nor Taylor heal up after this upcoming bye week in time for the November Thursday night Maryland game in Lane Stadium. VT was within one score after Holt's TD, and if the defense could've held and quit letting FSU convert third downs, the Hokies likely would've been able to squeak out another W. Of course, even Frank Beamer gave up with plenty of time left in the game — he let the team punt it away to an FSU team with plenty of time outs left to run down the clock instead of taking another shot at the end zone. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Frank — you need to learn to play until the final whistle blows. Watch a little movie I like to call We Are Marshall.

The injuries to the Hokies are devastating, and perhaps by the time this publishes or sometime shortly thereafter, we'll know more about Taylor and Glennon and their injuries. Either way, short of a miracle, any post-season hopes of a chance to play for the ACC title are gone for VT. It'd take a win-out now mixed with more losses from other division teams. We'll see what happens, but with a lack of enthusiasm from the coaching staff (minus Bud Foster, whose defense looked amazing out there with plenty of sacks) and all of the problems with the depth chart, I'm not counting on much more out of this season than a win against Duke to save face (though beating UVA would be nice too).

Next year, the offense will be older, and Taylor will likely be healthy and be back better than ever. And Beamerball will still be in effect. We can only hope there is a shake-up at offensive coordinator to prevent another tumultuous season like we've seen in '08.

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