Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hokie Matchup: Florida State

Look, I'd be crazy to call the game today between the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Florida State Seminoles. With the three ranked ACC teams falling out last week and three new ones coming in, this is one conference with plenty of young talent. Sure, the ACC might not have the gunslinging Big 12 quarterbacks, the SEC head-butting, the Big Ten blowouts, the WAC surprises or a PAC-10 powerhouse, but it's a conference that isn't willing to let any one team dominate this year. Even Duke's made a showing, and that's phenomenal in itself.

FSU handled Colorado pretty well, but the Seminoles struggled against Miami. Their matchup with NC State wasn't bad, but Wake Forest kept them out of the end zone. Here's the thing: VT hasn't played a team as good as Wake Forest yet (or at least that would be the thinking right now, that could all change very quickly). What I do know is FSU shut out Western Carolina and routed Chattanooga while VT lost to ECU and struggled to beat Furman and Western Kentucky. But on the other hand, VT beat North Carolina, Georgia Tech and Nebraska. It's crazy that VT beat GT but couldn't handle BC. (How's that for a lot of letters being thrown at you?)

I am a Hokie fan, and I do hope therefore that VT wins today. However, I think the ability to destroy small teams that FSU has faced makes VT's performance against small teams (when I say small, I mean non-BCS) look pitiful. I also think VT got lucky against GT, who will likely win the division unless something shakes up in the Hokies' favor.

The Seminoles will win unless three things all happen:

1) VT's offense goes to more of an air game and the receiving corps comes through

2) VT's special teams blocks one kick of some sort OR returns a kickoff once

3) VT's defense forces at least one turnover and puts it in at least field goal range

The game is on ABC at 3:30 p.m.

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dbwms9 said...

Unfortunately, a blocked kick won't help. VT blocked one and returned it against ECU and lost. Last week they forced 5 TO's and got 2 TD's on defense and STILL LOST! The only way to accomplish that is to not be able to control the clock. VT controls the clock, they win. VT keeps it up like they've been doing, with no offense that doesn't wear a #5 jersey, and they'll lose this one and a few more.