Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Apache Flyover at Virginia Tech's Lane Stadium

Here's a little something cool. Virginia Tech has frequent flyovers at its football games in Lane Stadium. Usually, it's a former member of the VT Corps of Cadets that gets permission to deviate from a training mission. We've seen stealth bombers, fighter jets and this past weekend versus Western Kentucky University, the Hokies saw two U.S. Army Apache helicopters fly over the stadium at the end of the national anthem. The video is posted to my YouTube account "jdisasoldier," but it was actually taken on Shari's camera because my cell phone's version was lower-res.


Nancy said...

The ESPN recap of the game mentioned VT's sputtering offense in the headline. It's obvious the person who wrote the article probably didn't watch the game. The Hokies first-string offense did a great job, as did the team's defense. It was the coaching staff who sputtered, who has sputtered all season, and who will probably continue to sputter despite the facts because of its utter stubbornness.

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JD said...

You are daggone right about that one. I'm watching our dismal offense at Miami as I type this.