Friday, October 3, 2008

'Andy Griffith Show' Day

While the 48th anniversary of the Oct. 3, 1960, debut of "The Andy Griffith Show" is not an official holiday, I think we should take a moment to reflect today on one of the greatest shows of all time. Some may dismiss the show as a hillbilly comedy with nothing to offer today's viewers, but I would encourage those people to find a rerun of this show somewhere to watch. Unfortunately, it seems as though fewer and fewer stations are showing the old episodes now as they used to do only a few short years ago.

While we definitely don't all live in Mayberry, we can cherish the values taught in this show and strive to live together in harmony like Mayberry's citizens. The show described a simpler time, mostly in black-and-white, when "Paw" offered the best advice and "Aunt Bea" showed compassion like no one else. Barney Fife (pictured here, played by the legendary Don Knotts) was the friend who always meant to do the right thing — the kind-hearted do-gooder who always managed to make a mess somehow and provide us with a good laugh or two. This show was acting and moral-of-the-story writing at its best, and it's a shame more today don't follow the format. Thanks, Opie, Andy, Barney, Bea, Gomer, and all the others — you're still remembered, and we all still wish we could have known you in real life.

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