Sunday, September 7, 2008

Surfing Sunday: TMNT and Web 2.0 directory

Here's a new feature I'd like to introduce. Depending on the news of the day and such, it's hard to tell whether this will occur every Sunday, but once in a while, I have some cool links for you to check out. Often, I try to expand upon the links and focus a blog post on them, shying away from just listing tons of cool links in a post that are unrelated to the topic I blog about primarily in that post. I did this a lot when I first started blogging, and I think one's blog is always a living organism, constantly developing and improving, but I think the current format of focusing on certain topics and making narrower blog posts is best.

All that being said, sometimes I think I'll just provide a couple cool links for you anyway, and make that the focus of the post. Seeing how many people like to relax on Sundays, why not have a "Surfing Sunday" link post?

Well, if you do have some extra time, see if you can actually get through this complete (?) directory of the Web 2.0 sites. Pretty neat, but very overwhelming.

Also, TMNT fans should be very excited! I loved the first three films (especially the first two), and the CGI film actually wasn't that bad, though I yearned for another live-action adventure that had grown up as much as I had since the cartoon launched. Maybe now, us fans from the late '80s/early '90s will get what we wanted all along!

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