Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin — Will It Ever End? It Must!

It isn't likely that the buzz around Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, will go away before election day. I personally can see through John McCain's political pandering with this decision, but it seems like so many Americans are just falling for the tough-talking (without actions to match) sex kitten. I guess every party needs a Nancy Pelosi...

So while I hope to limit my coverage from now on of Palin and McCain and really political talk altogether (as I've been watching and writing about it ad nauseam lately, plus I'm in a campaigns and a political communications class right now), I feel I really have to point out some things along the way. I just can't believe the advertisements the McCain campaign has ran on TV lately. While the Barack Obama campaign's ads have not been so negative (they do relate McCain to Bush and criticize his policies, but those are legitimate arguments in an election), the McCain campaign has ran not only negative ads, but also some blatantly false ads about both Obama and the virtues of the McCain tickets' two candidates. I hope other newspapers in the country are pointing this out as well as the Roanoke Times did last Thursday.

Face it, the McCain campaign lies, and they do it a whole lot. Need proof? Just check here to get the facts about every campaign ad. So why would anyone vote for such a candidate and veep choice? It's beyond me because the choice is so clear in this election — clearer than it's ever been in history — and yet the polls keep getting closer and closer. How does this happen? It's because the general public, the Bubbas and Bubbettes out there, aren't like you and me. They aren't reading blogs, news sites, fact-checking sites and watching/reading a varied array of news sources each day and night. Nope, they sit back with Fox News for hours on end, and they talk about how Jesus would never vote for a black man and surely not one who is Muslim. (In case you've been living in a cave reading only spam e-mails and you don't feel like clicking the link, no, Obama is not a Muslim, he's a Christian.)

Even if you aren't convinced of Obama's rhetoric of change and hope, then you at least can still notice the Obama ticket is the best choice on the ballot this year. It's not difficult to see.

On the McCain side, you have an old war veteran who has voted with a lame-duck president 90 percent of the time (who has recently tried stealing Obama's change mantra, but it just doesn't sound the same when you have some perspective of how little change McCain can bring — I guess he can bring 10 percent of a change, but that's not enough to save America). You have also a phony beauty queen who has governed the 47th state in terms of population for fewer than two years.

On the Obama side, however, you have an extremely intelligent man who could have gone to Wall Street or been a big-time lawyer. Instead, he worked in Chicago, helping people in the community who suffered from the effects of a dwindling economy. Then, he went to Congress, where he had the wisdom to vote against the war in Iraq, which we would find out later was completely based on lies and has gotten us no closer to finding Osama bin Laden and bringing him to justice — but Bush has put our economy trillions of dollars in debt. With Joe Biden as the vice-presidential nominee, we have a man with years of experience in Congress. We have someone who is a real family man, who rode the train into D.C. every day so he could be with his children when his first wife was tragically killed in a car accident. We have a man of character and experience who is ready to take over should something happen to the president, much unlike Palin who claimed she had no idea what the vice president does only a few months ago (and all she would have to do is read the Constitution, but I guess going to six colleges in six years doesn't allow one time to focus on her studies).

If you look at how McCain has lied, been on the wrong side of history and supported a failing Bush Administration... If you look at how Palin has so many shaded areas in her life (lack of good parenting, not being able to finish what she starts, being for the Bridge to Nowhere and pork spending, etc.) and how inexperienced she is... If you look at how much Obama genuinely wants to fix what is wrong with America today because of Bush... If you look at how experienced Joe Biden is and how much fight he has in him to bring needed foreign policy decisions to the forefront... the choice in this election is clear. But I'm just so afraid that too many are blind. Too many are not checking the facts. Too many are swayed by the false ads from McCain and Palin. At least the ladies in Alaska are rising up to say their piece.

It's probably going to be another close election — but it really shouldn't be.

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