Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin Possible Secessionist, Definite Bad Parent, PLUS Noonan's Slip-up

I've already written:

About Sarah Palin's being out of touch and a polar bear killer
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About the Palin family's interesting, elf-like names

So it's only appropriate I should point out that Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, still needs to come forward and answer questions about her possible affiliation with a group that wants to secede from the United States. I, being a moderate and not a complete liberal (though, Dr. Bob would say the only thing in the middle of the road is a dead raccoon...), enjoy shooting guns as much as the next hillbilly, but starting another Civil War because of seceding states isn't the best way to go about getting to do so. Palin has since responded, saying that she only attended the AIP's meeting because it was in the town where she was mayor. However, the Guardian made sure to point out that the McCain campaign's weak response means nothing.

To help out the McCain campaign even more (I bet he wishes the Palin's would quit helping), it's been leaked that Bristol is likely breaking the law by drinking underage (hopefully not since she's been pregnant). Her boyfriend is hopefully more responsible, but it's doubtful. I suppose Bristol just takes after her irresponsible father, Todd, who received a DUI when he was a little older than she is now.

To make matters even worse for the Republicans, two Republican pundits were caught on tape yesterday evening bashing McCain and the Palin choice for veep. Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan, along with MSNBC contributor Mike Murphy, thought they were off-the-air on MSNBC yesterday after an interview with Chuck Todd. The pair called McCain's choice "gimmicky" and "political bullshit." While I can't help but agree, you can check it out and make the decision on your own at the Huffington Post or Editor & Publisher. The YouTube video alone is here.

Relatively Journalizing, along with the rest of the blogosphere, would like to thank the McCain campaign for providing such great blog fodder by selecting Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate!


ashleynicolesmith said...

Although I'm not ever one to comment on political matters, I felt like I wanted to speak up on this issue.

I see it a bit silly that as a blogger, anyone should give only one side of the story. As a blogger, one should at least attempt to give both sides, both points of view to the reader. Of course state what view you prefer but at least be fair. And yes, it's the blogger's blog, PLEASE say anything you like but since you allow comments, I wanted to comment, haha. :)

I don't see how Palin's daughter's pregnancy and how her husbands DUI that occured more than 20 years ago has anything to do with her ability to assist in leading the country.

I also don't see how focusing on a rumor is getting accurate information out into the world. By simply stating negatives and rumors one is only acting as the media does, whom by the way do a good job at distorting almost all information they are providing to the public. If one isn't able to state something as fact, it shouldn't be in the forefront. Why not search for some positives and get to the issues that really matter.

Anyways, if Palin is a bad parent then EVERY parent is a bad parent. Parents cannot be defined as being bad or good at their parental duties simply by looking at how their kids screw up. The kids have their own minds and make their own decisions. It's life. By what you said about her parenting skills, you have to declare at least 99% of all other parents as being bad parents also.

And why can't Palin go to a meeting that was being held in the town she was mayor of?!?! I say she was a good mayor for going and checking it out. How dare her have open ears and sit in a room where things she doesn't necessarily support are being said?

AND, who cares if two random Republicans said negative things about Palin before she even had a chance to plea her case.

None of this was meant in a rude or mean way or anything! I just follow you on twitter and decided I wanted to respond. :)

Hope you have a great day!! :)

JD said...

I appreciate your comments on the post, however, I think you may be missing the mark.

First, bloggers are not journalists, and they are therefore not required to tell both sides of the story. However, being someone who works for the top newspaper in the region and who holds a journalism degree, I do appreciate the value of fair coverage. However, the coverage of Sarah Palin on this blog is very fair, though in blog fashion it includes some opinion. If you notice, this post fits with the style of the blog in that it is very satirical, much in the fashion of something you'd see on late-night Comedy Central from John Stewart or Stephen Colbert (though I'm not quite as good at being funny). Do I really thing Sarah Palin lives in Canada? No, but that doesn't mean I won't poke fun about it in satirical manner. If you read the other posts regarding Palin, you'll notice they follow this fashion, though I have made very serious political posts and include some very serious overtones in these posts and others.

Palin's daughter's pregnancy and her husband's DUI more than 20 years ago DO in fact have something to do with her ability to assist in leading the country. If one cannot keep one's own daughter in order, how can she fix the struggling U.S. economy? I doubt you were pregnant at 17, nor did I have a pregnant girlfriend at 17. Bristol Palin is not an adult, and therefore it is her mother's responsibility to teach her about such things, and Sarah Palin failed there. The whole family's ties to drinking, especially while underage or driving, just go to show that they really are mavericks like John McCain and George W. Bush who think they are above the law.

I did not focus on rumor in this post. I noted that she is a POSSIBLE secessionist, provide a link to the information, and let the people decide. That is fair and objective. Pointing out the possible repercussions if she is one is also fair. I never stated that she is, but the American people should know their candidate — they should at least do more vetting than the one day that John McCain did for Sarah Palin.

Palin IS a bad parent, and she's the WRONG person to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. And no, that does not make EVERY parent a bad parent. My parents are not bad parents, and I doubt you would say yours are either. My parents taught me to obey the law, and they knew where I was when I was 17. You mention that 99 percent of all other parents must be bad too under my definition, yet CDC data shows only about one-third of teenagers get pregnant and even fewer do so before marriage or they are out of high school. Of course, the Palins just showcased their hypocrisy more by saying that Bristol DECIDED to keep the baby, therefore meaning it's OK for THEIR daughter to have a choice, but yet they stand by the party line that no other woman does.

Palin can attend whatever meeting she wants. As mayor, sure, she could've just gone to see what was happening at the AIP meeting. But the point is that there are questions the American public need answered, yet the McCain campaign is continuing the same policies of a lack of transparency that the Bush Administration has for the last eight years — and look where that got us.

And I'll tell you who cares about Murphy and Noonan's comments — the American people, especially those in the blogosphere and even traditional media. It's a big deal because BOTH of these people have ties to the Republican Party, and they have STRONG ties. In the two-step flow model of communication, they are the opinion leaders, and they influence other Republicans. However, there's not much influencing to be done. The state of the economy, the war in Iraq and other major issues are losing Republicans from the party each and every day in great numbers. So, Noonan and Murphy are just examples of the majority of disenfranchised Republicans out there, just like General Eisenhower's granddaughter, who realize that McCain is George W. Bush, or at least will be 90 percent of the time according to his Congressional voting record, and that the Sarah Palin veep pick is nothing more than political pandering in an attempt to win over Hillary supporters who we saw at the DNC fully support Barack Obama.

Last night's RNC speakers just proved that the Republican Party is ready for more of the same, and the U.S.' reputation just can't take that, and neither can our economy or our great people. Our families facing men and women in uniform going on their fourth and fifth deployments to Iraq are tired and weary, and we must save them from this struggle as soon as possible. The DNC was upbeat, positive and the Democrats praised John McCain as a hero, and they said they disagreed with him, and then they went point-by-point on how they are going to fix America. The RNC has been NOTHING but Obama-bashing, negativism, and not one person has mentioned how they are going to save America — because, let's face it, the Republicans don't think there's anything wrong. Boy, are they in for a surprise come November — and I think you will be too.

ashleynicolesmith said...

I must politely, respectfully 100% disagree with everything you said back in response. But, that's the beauty of politics, eh? Haha :)

JD said...

Disagree or not, the fact is the last time a Democrat was in the White House, the country had a budget surplus and people had homes and jobs. One thing you can't disagree with is FACTS (though McCain and his cronies, including the Bush speechwriter who designed Palin's Karl Rove-like attack rhetoric). The FACT is our national debt is (as of the time of writing this) $9.7 trillion. Plus, we're throwing away $17 million every hour in a desert while our own people starve, go homeless and/or pay $4/gallon for fuel (which in many cases means going without heat this winter).

Yes, conservatives can use their cutesy rhetoric about the beauty of politics being in disagreements and that's just how the world turns and as long as they and their rich buddies get richer, who cares? I urge anyone and everyone out there to DO YOUR RESEARCH. Look at the numbers, look at the state of the economy, look at the numbers of those killed in Iraq, look at the U.S.' reputation internationally and then tell me if you really, truly believe that America can take another term of the Bush policies!

The only way someone could say yes to that question would be if they also said (as McCain does) that everything is still OK (fundamentally strong) in America. And if you think that way, then you are just as out of touch as that geezer and his beauty queen running mate.