Saturday, September 13, 2008

McRib: Farewell Tour 5,000

I saw an ad for the McRib on TV tonight. I remember the third farewell tour that started back in Oct. 2007. That ended, right? So are they bringing it back to try and get people to save it again and do a fourth tour or did it finally get saved last time?

Does anyone actually eat that... thing? I'd love to hear your comments about the strangest viral/stealth marketing campaign of all time.

Yeah, McDonald's seems to be poking fun at their own food, at us, or perhaps at... boneless pigs?


Beamer said...

I definitely ate it in the last farewell tour. I remembered liking it but was sorely disappointed. It is a sad sandwich well marketed.

JD said...

Haha, yeah but it was great to see the advertisement at the stadium today!