Monday, September 29, 2008

Hokies Husk Huskers

In Friday's game preview, I said QBs, crowd and special teams would be the deciding factors in Saturday's game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Virginia Tech Hokies. Here's why I was right:
  • Tyrod Taylor put up 171 passing yards, only 28 yards shy of his total combined passing yards from the previous four games. The QB also rushed for 87 yards. It was VT's best game offensively of the season. That's been the problem all year — offense. If they keep this up, they're on a roll.
  • The crowd was silenced early on by the Hokies. This helped the offense keep rolling.
  • What kept the crowd scratching their heads and little quieter than they might have otherwise been? Special teams. The Hokies blocked a kick for an early safety that fired up the team's momentum for the night.
Kenny Lewis, Jr., fizzled out quick for the Hokies, but Darren Evans, Stephan Virgil, Tyrod Taylor, Macho Harris and Greg Boone had all had a great game. Brent Bowden remained mediocre, but Dustin Keys rocked his kicks like nobody's business.

The 35-30 score wasn't representative of how well the Hokies played. The score could have easily surpassed 50 for the Hokies had they been able to find the end zone instead of settling for the field goal more often. They'll have next week's homecoming game against pushover Western Kentucky (1:30 p.m.) to work on that before facing more ACC opponents.

None of the stories I've seen so far mention the 15-yard penalty assessed against Nebraska for unsportsmanlike conduct, though. Quit taking it easy on Cornhusker head coach Bo Pellini! He made a complete ass of himself and cost his team a tough penalty in front of the largest home stadium crowd Nebraska has ever seen. I hope they booed him off the field. What an embarrassment. How can you expect discipline from your team when you have none? But let's face it, my friends and I loved the moment, and it just proves that the Hokies can go on the road and remain poised and classy against anyone.

Note: Bryan Stinespring refrained from calling idiotic screen plays, but he still called a lot of useless running plays right up the middle on third-and-long. Fire him, and the Hokies could be championship contenders as a result someday.

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