Friday, September 19, 2008

Hokie Matchup: vs. North Carolina

Virginia Tech may be coming off a close win versus Georgia Tech, but the North Carolina Tar Heels are coming off a blowout victory over nonconference opponent Rutgers. UNC is definitely the better-looking team right now, but the Hokies seem to grow with each game. What's in store for tomorrow's matchup?

UNC has a stellar offense right now, but VT has a great defense. However, VT didn't defend the run very well against the Yellow Jackets last weekend. Lucky for them, you can expect UNC to try to score early and often through the air. I think VT's strong defense and weak offense will balance out with UNC having basically the opposite setup.

If both teams play mostly like they have been, the battle will be decided by two factors: (A) which team has the most turnovers and (B) whose special teams make a big play or plays. This means we're likely in for a tight one.

Now, if VT's coaches, namely OC Bryan Stinespring, call the same idiotic third-and-long screen pass plays over and over again like they have been, UNC will stomp the Hokies. I think head coach Frank Beamer will have locked that down a little more though — if he's smart. If the Hokies have better play calling on offense and the defensive players have worked hard this week to better themselves against the run, then VT will show the country why it is the defending ACC champion. If not, the Tar Heels might embarrass them with UNC's first win versus the Hokies since VT joined the ACC.

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