Monday, September 1, 2008

Extra Edition: Palin Pregnancy

Sarah Palin, the Canadian — uh, Alaskan — Republican vice-presidential candidate announced today that her daughter is pregnant.

The news comes as no surprise, apparently, to the McCain campaign, which says it knew of this issue before selecting Palin as Sen. John McCain's running mate. Strangely enough, the Palin family broke party lines by saying they were glad their daughter decided to keep the baby and marry its father. Now that the Palin's have changed their position and are pro-choice, will the Republican ticket lose even more of its conservative base?

I realize this type of thing can happen to anyone, and I wish Palin's daughter congratulations and a healthy pregnancy. Of course, the Palin's had to come out with the truth about this scandal because they lied to their daughter's school about her having mono when she stayed home from school, which led to rumors that Palin's baby with Down's syndrome might have actually been her daughter's.

This latest punch to the gut for the McCain ticket puts the hypocrisy of many conservatives and the Republican party in the spotlight now that we all know Palin's daughter is knocked up. You might think that's harsh terminology, but with a name like Bristol, I'm sure Palin's daughter has heard such references at the NASCAR track.

Well, now that Juno has happened for real in Juneau, and Hurricane Gustav has taken the country's focus off of the Republican National Convention, it'll be even more interesting to see how this election plays out. And while the McCain campaign is busy defending itself for the few supporters it has left, I just received this link from Barack Obama's campaign in my e-mail, asking for help for those who are feeling the impact of the hurricane right now. The Right Wing preaches family values and compassion, but it is Barack Obama and Joe Biden who will lead the U.S. into an era where the middle class, where family values are forged, can thrive and where the government isn't afraid to help Americans first instead of throwing billions away into a desert.

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