Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Invest Until You Visit Inner8

It's no question that the recent collapse of some big names like AIG, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mac and Freddie Mac is scary. The state of the U.S. economy, including recent fuel shortages in the South and high gas prices, is shaky. Investing can be a scary — but often necessary — thing in a global marketplace. Luckily, there's a new company that's here to help with investment analytics to get you on the right track — Inner8.

Here's what the company says about its services:

"Sophisticated analytics and correlation technology translate your market views and our community’s top investors into smarter investments and better money management results, customized to your unique needs. Say goodbye to hefty fees for advisors, brokers or newsletters and say hello to the next revolution in personal investing."
The name, Inner8, refers to eight friends who formed the organization, many of whom were pioneers for E*Trade, the same name that strikes fear in brokers and happiness in the hearts of investors. Inner8 execs have decided to created this group to allow you, the independent investor, to receive personalized analytics that will help you make smart investments that fit your lifestyle.

Here's what those execs have told me about Inner8:

"The very institutions that position themselves as the gold standard of advice are themselves going bankrupt. The technology, communities and analytics available today are the next generation of advice. Your readers need alternatives for high quality investing tools and advice, and we think Inner8 is a compelling choice."
I've checked out their Web site, and if you're looking to get into making some smart investments, I'd say you should give Inner8 a shot. What's not to love about good advice backed up by top-notch data and personal service?

Inner8 actually just launched, and they are accepting clients on an invitation-only basis for their BETA services. Luckily, the audience of Relatively Journalizing was selected as being a bunch of self-directed, sophisticated people deemed worthy to receive a free access code for the Web site.

So visit Inner8 and enter your code: 3bsdz

Thanks for cluing us in, Inner 8!


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