Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yard Wars: Episode IV — A New Chance

So, finally, the preseason is here. Yeah, I'm religiously watching all of the preseason games that I can find on TV. While I get disappointed at performances sometimes, I keep thinking to myself that the games do not matter.

Wow, does it ever feel good to have football back on my TV though! And this years' NFL games just seem different than preseasons past. The teams are really playing with confidence and hunger, and we're seeing more starters get playing time than expected. The whole Brett Favre drama seemed to gear up interest in football season on a national scale early on, so I think that's one reason all the players and fans are already fired up for this season. Some great displays of talents in last year's bowl games also have college football fans drooling at the chance to see what some of those bowl winners (and losers) will do with what they have to work with this year.

That's right, a new season brings excitement, but it also wipes the slate clean and allows anyone to rise to the occasion to become a BCS or Super Bowl champion. What teams do you think will be surprisingly good this year, or at least really fun to watch? I recommend you check out:

  • Virginia Tech Hokies (projected to fight Clemson for the ACC title)
  • Carolina Panthers (with a healthy Jake Delhomme)
  • New York Jets (with legend Brett Favre)
  • Denver Broncos (with stunning kick returner and wide receiver Eddie Royal)
  • Pittsburgh Panthers (at least the Backyard Brawl will be compelling)
  • Oakland Raiders (Darren McFadden now on board)
  • Georgia Bulldogs ('nuff said)

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