Monday, August 18, 2008

Yard Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Starters

There's a sense of dread the season after a team has a good year, especially in college football. Often, this indicates that there were lots of seniors who will not return. The whole defensive line is gone, or maybe it's special teams where the rebuilding will need to take place.

So, which is it, rebuilding or reloading? Regardless, every year, coaches have to make important decisions about their depth charts that could chart the course for the entire season. A two-quarterback system? The slower, better receiver, or the faster receiver who sometimes drops the catch?

For many teams this season, it seems as though these tough questions will be answered at the last possible second, keeping fans and even players on the edge until the first kickoff of the season. Do you think it would be more beneficial for teams to just make the decision and focus on training for positions early in the spring? What teams do you think are just reloading this season, and which ones are going to need some serious time to rebuild?

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