Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yard Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Critics

When the last second of the BCS Championship Game has ended, the commentators begin talking about next season.

Sports critics far and wide have been babbling for months about what team will be hot this year. Who will be this year's Boise State? Will Ohio State somehow magically end up ranked again and then get embarrassed yet again in the championship game? Will we ever get a playoff system? (Wait, that's for another day...)

The critics begin attacking this team and that team, but the fact is no one really knows what this season is going to be like. We saw plenty of teams in the number two spot fall last season in college football, and I think many people would've expected Peyton over brother Eli Manning to play in the Super Bowl. One thing all the players, fans and coaches should keep in mind as the new season gets ramped up — you can rise above what any so-called expert says about you. Oh, and just because you're small, doesn't mean you can't earn some street cred along the way, a la Appy State.

Sure, we all have fun reading what the sports critics says in the off-season, but that's only because we're hungry for just about anything to do with our favorite sport. Just remember to take it all with a grain of salt, and don't be surprised when your number-one ranked team falls to a school nobody's ever heard of — but, on the other hand, don't rule out your friendly neighborhood team that might just turn out to shock everyone with their skills.

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