Monday, August 11, 2008

Twitter Friends

memorial ribbon for a twitterer
I've received some heat in the past for using Twitter. A lot of people just don't get the social networking/microblogging site. I'll be the first to admit, I was one who said, "It's just like updating my Facebook status, I think I'll pass." But there's something I just can't quite explain that happens on Twitter. Somehow, through 140 words, you make connections with people and you begin to call them "friends." What's strange, is because Twitter is still such a niche site, I actually do not know many of the people I follow on there in real life. However, many of them do live in my town or back in my hometown, so perhaps some day we will meet through a tweetup.

The real reason for this post though is that I have one friend, NRVLiving, also a blogger, who made this post last week. I'll let you read it, but it all raises really interesting questions about just how strong the bonds are we social networkers form in cyberspace. Though I didn't personally follow Pinky379, I've posted the ribbon dedicated to her on today's post in memory of a fellow twitterer who has tweeted her last tweet. Pinky, through your network of geeky friends and acquaintances, you will be remembered and missed.

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NRVLiving Real Estate said...

Thanks for posting this. I never had the opportunity to meet Sheila, but can tell you that there really is a tangible connection in these online relationships. Some use them for personal reasons, some for professional reasons, but the connections are there all the same.

There IS a value to these networks. Thanks for linking up, looking forward to seeing my Twitter friend around soon!