Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swamp Thing vs. Super-Skrull

Swamp Thing and Super-Skrull
It wasn't too long ago that I wrote a follow-up post to one of my most popular posts of all time. The original post concerned the top superheroes of all time. Then, I followed that post up in late July with an environment-themed, green-washed post about the greenest superheroes of all time. However, as Evan Serge, of Blog!, so aptly pointed out, I left two key players off of the green superheroes list — Swamp Thing and Super-Skrull. So, this post will pit the two characters against each other to determine which one is the greenest.

Swamp Thing
This character is actually a mass of vegetable matter in human form, therefore meaning he is the environment. He fights to save the environment, especially his homeland — the swamp. Swamp Thing has some control over his surroundings, and he has even been referred to as Green Man before.

Kl'rt, also know as Super-Skrull, possesses the abilities of each member of the Fantastic Four, plus shape-shifting powers. Though he is truly quite green in his color, the beam from the Skrull homeworld that amplifies his powers is likely bad for the ozone layer. Super-Skrull's control of fire is about the only thing that remotely connects him to manipulating the environment in any way, and he is more likely to use it to cause destruction than for beneficial purposes. He also spent time in a radiation belt, which led to his contracting cancer. Though the cancer seems to be in remission, rumors are that Super-Skrull still emanates quite a bit of radiation.

Winner: Swamp Thing — Did anyone really doubt this outcome? One notable thing about this character is the insane amount of multiple reincarnations he has experienced. However, I personally feel no Swamp Thing series comes close to being as good as Alan Moore's run with the character. Recommended reading: Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore. (Bet you'll be hooked afterward!)

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