Friday, August 8, 2008

Neat House

A pink house in Snowville with a faux facadeSnowville (Va.) house has an interesting architectural design


While driving through Snowville, a very small rural area of southwestern Virginia, the other day looking for a story for my newspaper job, I stumbled upon a couple of houses there with extremely unique architectural design. This pink house was the one I liked the best out of the two I saw, and once I explain myself, you'll probably think it's pretty cool as well.

This looks as though it is a three-story home, correct? However, from a side view, you'd find out it's only two stories. That third story is just a facade that looks about as thick as maybe six inches from the side. The second floor there has what appears to be an almost flat roof, and the faux third floor just faces the front for looks I suppose. And, while I'm describing the house, what the heck is up with that door on the front of the second floor there that seemingly opens mid-air? Perhaps it is fake as well?

I don't know who owns the house here or really anything else about it. I just snapped this photo as I was driving by, as I didn't want to appear to be spying on anyone. If you know who owns this house or if you are its owner, do please contact me with more information. I must say, this is a really cool house! If you want to take a drive down some country roads and see some great scenery, head to Snowville sometime. There are these neat houses, some farms with interesting livestock, a couple of lodges, and if you go far enough you'll come upon the Blue Ridge Boy Scout Reservation.

I can't really find much about this architectural feature other than that it is commonly referred to as a faux facade, which is funny because that's the term I thought up in my head before I confirmed it online. I'm having problems locating any history of this feature or why/how it is done. If there's anyone out there who can offer insight, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


Stow said...

My friend just showed me your blog. We pass this house on our way to Scout camp and I've always wondered about this house too! It was built in 1850. Somebody just bought it in February 2014. It is now purple and really fixed up nicely! They put some Christmas wreaths on the middle floor "doors". If I figure out how to send you a picture I will send it to you! Happy New Year!

Joshua A. DeLung said...

Wow, so cool to hear something about this post all these years later! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I had a great time that day discovering things along that road.

Stow said...

You are welcome. I just sent you pics of the house, now purple. I think it is an improvement!

Joshua A. DeLung said...

To anyone who is interested, here's a link to the photo of what the house looks like now: