Monday, August 25, 2008

Limewire? Try Google.

I don't endorse nor do I encourage any sort of illegal music and video downloading.

That being said, I do find the methods people use to share content on the Web interesting, as it seems there have been new ways developing every year since Napster was shut down and we saw the rise of Kazaa, Shareaza, Limewire, torrents, etc.

Now, there's something new that is showing up.

I've posted the video I found on YouTube/Google Video below, but if you enter the following into the search box in Google, I think you'll see what I mean:

intitle:"index.of" (mp3|mp4|) -html -htm -php -asp -cf -jsp

Basically, you're searching for pages with "index.of" in the title, either mp3 or mp4 files (you could add |avi|wav|etc.), a file name (the periods indicate that there could even be a space or an underscore there), and you don't want normal Web sites that end in .html, .htm, etc. You're looking for indexes of a certain file type with this kind of search. Anyway check out the video below for more in-depth coverage.

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