Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm Pleased to Inform You...

Today's post is a short welcome to our new affiliate blog, We regret to inform you... by a blogger mysteriously identified as S on the blog's author profile.

The blog, appropriately at URL, follows the blogger's adventures as she is regrettably informed by potential employers that they are not going to hire her in this absolutely amazing* economy we live in right now.

I'm confident that S will find a job soon, and then perhaps her blog's name and URL will not be quite so convenient, but I'm pretty sure she won't care. I know there are plenty of recent college graduates out there who have yet to find that dream job, or maybe even a decent job at all, so leave comments here about your luck so far. Then, visit the job-seeker's blog to see her latest escapades in job-searing and leave her some words of encouragement. At any rate, S has a humorous, somewhat cynical, writing style that will put a smile on your face. Perhaps professional blogging is in her future?

*note sarcasm.

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