Friday, August 1, 2008

Idols of the King Rocks Mill Mountain Theatre

Performance a hunk of burning love for fans, newcomers


I attended a performance of Idols of the King Wednesday night at Mill Mountain Theatre in downtown Roanoke, Va. The part-play, part-concert delightfully surprised me. The performance follows multiple Elvis fans as they all experience The King in different ways. Each skit is themed to lead up to a specific Elvis song, and that's when the action really takes place.

The Elvis impersonator who stars in this performance is said to be one of only three in the world who are licensed and approved by Elvis Presley Enterprises. You're likely to be blown away by the accuracy in the voice and mannerisms of this Elvis. He's pretty amazing. Expect to hear every Elvis hit out there, plus some of his lesser-known songs such as a few of his gospel renditions. When you aren't highly entertained by Elvis, you'll be laughing uncontrollably at the skits in between each musical performance. You'll witness an elderly couple who travels around the country with a toilet Elvis once used, a couple of redneck hitchhikers trying to get to Vegas, a stripper who claims to have been involved with The King and many more along the way.

There is a live band that plays with Elvis, and they can really jam! In fact, the musical performances were so great that I sometimes felt like the skits were getting too drawn out — I wanted to hear more rock 'n' roll! Whether you're a fan of Elvis or not, you're sure to have a good time and get in a few laughs for not too much money. If you live within driving distance of Roanoke, this is definitely something you should check out for a weeknight break from stress or a weekend boredom killer.

As a bonus, I also have a dining recommendation. If you're planning on making a night of the performance and want an affordable meal at a nice restaurant, check out Nico's. It's an Italian restaurant just a block or so down from the theater. There are lots of nice restaurants downtown, but this is one of the best for taste and on your wallet. If you want something that's even easier on the wallet and perhaps lighter on the stomach, Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea is right there too, and they have great wraps/sandwiches and — of course — coffee.

So, get out there and have some fun! Idols of the King runs through Aug. 24.

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