Thursday, August 7, 2008

Extra Edition: Skrull and Coincidence?

I recently blogged about Super-Skrull, which was a recommended (by blogger Evan Serge) follow-up post to my blog about green heroes. Of course, that post was intended mostly for the fan base of my first hero-themed post.

Today, News highlighted Super-Skrull on their Web site in relation to a new series full of Skrulls. Coincidence? I think not! Obviously, Marvel follows my blog as closely as they follow me on Twitter! I'll just call this the "Rejo" effect, short for the Relatively Journalizing effect, a distance cousin of the Colbert effect.


In other news, Relatively Journalizing's Joshua DeLung will leave for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference in Chicago in a few hours. Blog content is scheduled to post, but replies to comments and such may be delayed for a couple of days. Expect lots of good content while I'm gone, and know that I have some really great stuff lined up for when I get back, hopefully including some photos and/or videos of the Windy City. Take care, everyone!

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