Sunday, August 3, 2008

Extra Edition: You Decide

There are some interesting First Amendment issues being raised in Christiansburg, Va. Back in May, two Christiansburg bloggers were sued (and two other random women who say they have nothing to do with the blog) for speaking out about a dirt pile they felt was an eyesore. The two women who operate Think, Christiansburg! voice their opinions on issues involving Christiansburg government and related topics. They have taken pictures of numerous landmarks in the area, including one they call Mt. Woody. Bloggers Terry Carter and Tacy Newell-Foutz are supposed to find out whether or not their case will be dropped within six weeks. The local newspaper posted all of the court documents and such the day before the court hearing. Then, in this morning's column by columnist Shanna Flowers, there is more mention of the case.

It will be up to the courts to decide who is on the side of right here, but you can always discuss it amongst yourselves in the comments section!

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