Sunday, August 10, 2008

Extra Edition: 2-month Anniversary

It's been exactly two months today that Relatively Journalizing has experienced daily posting! How did the blog get started, you ask? This is how.

When my blog hit the one-month mark, I did a top 10 post.

Today, I'd like to review the top five posts of the past month, and I will also link you to what are the top three posts of all time. Finally, check out the weakest post of the last month. Again, these rankings are determined by views, comments, linkbacks and such.

Top Five Posts, July 10 to Aug. 10:

1. Citizen, Soldier

2. Top 10 Greenest Superheroes and Villains

3. Steppin' Out In Blacksburg

4. Extra Edition: Cuil Continues Failing to Impress

5. Cuil (Not Really)

Weakest Post This Month

Winner (Loser): Feeling Lively?

Top Three of All Time:

1. Can You Top the Greatest Superheroes of All Time?

2. Citizen, Soldier

3. Top 10 Greenest Superheroes and Villains

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