Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Write Your Own Ending: Part 3

Today is the exciting third and final part to the posts where you get to leave comments and write your own ending to the story. See WYOE (abbreviated) parts one and two by using the previous posts archive in the sidebar.

The first two posts involved public relations and journalism, two heavily covered areas on this blog. It's original purpose was, after all, to help me keep track of my PR internship (though I'm a journalist at heart). So what's left, you ask? Well, the other area that is usually covered on Relatively Journalizing is something I like to cram into a multidimensional topic I call techie (geek) news. This comes in the form of links, Web 2.0 tools and references, comic book stuff, movie reviews, etc. Therefore, it's only appropriate that the last WYOE post would involve something a little nontraditional and fun.

The Participatory Fan Fiction

Rather than write a few paragraphs and ask you to complete the story, I'm going to post some guidelines and ask you to write the story. Be sure you check the box to get follow-up comments so you can see what other people write and comment on your favorites.


— Pick one to two Marvel Comics villains (i.e., Venom)
— Pick one to two DC villains (i.e., Scarecrow)
— Pick one hero of your choice and one sidekick (one must be an actual comic book character, you must make up the other one)
— Presume the story takes place in the present day
— Choose a setting for the majority of your story to take place (i.e., Iraq)
— Include all nine characters, plus the presidential candidate of your choice (Barack Obama or John McCain) in your story
— Pick one of the following five crises to address:
  1. A strange object in outer space is headed straight for Earth.
  2. The Earth's core temperature has risen rapidly for the past 24 hours and shows no sign of stopping.
  3. Iran and North Korea have joined forces and attacked United States forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea.
  4. The world's polar bears have all gone missing.
  5. Vast amounts of people have contracted a disease in the U.S., which leads to a zombie-like mutation.
— Include the quote, "I guess pink just isn't really your color."
— Write it!

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