Thursday, July 10, 2008

Top 10 Blog Posts

Today, Relatively Journalizing celebrates one full month of continuous daily posting! If you want the full story on how this blog got started, check out my first post.

The number of subscribers to and viewers of Relatively Journalizing has doubled in the last week, so I thought this would be a good time to celebrate and review our top 10 posts so far in case you've just joined the party. If you've been with us for awhile, thanks. I really appreciate your subscribing to the RSS feed, following me on Twitter, joining the Relatively Journalizing Facebook group and commenting. Please take a minute to review some of the older posts and leave a comment about your favorite ones. Expect the same great content to keep being showcased here with posts about public relations, journalism, techie/geek news, new media, current events, guest bloggers and whatever else seems important. Of course, I'll keep updating on my internships and jobs, chronicling my professional experiences before your very eyes, asking for your comments in the form of support, opinions, advice and any other feedback you care to share with the Relatively Journalizing community.

Now, for the top blog posts of the last 30 days (calculated based upon unique hits, subscriber generation and comment participation)...

10. "Just Read It" — some great links, an internship update, and a story about a Japanese restaurant. (6/26/08)

9. "Give the Community A Voice — Real Public Relations" — some insight on two-way communication in PR, as well as some bonus cool links. (6/27/08)

8. "Dipping Smartly into Blueberries" — A jam-packed post about working on annual reports, a unique environmental restoration project, cool photos, and a Get Smart movie review. (6/24/08)

7. "Adventures in Promotion and Puddles" — Discussion of promoting an up-and-coming artist, coupled with a story about an adventurous tour of Fayette County, West Virginia, home to the New River Gorge. (6/16/08)

6. "Today, We Celebrate Our Independence Day" — An essay on the state of America, what we can do to improve it, and what we should be thankful for on the Fourth of July. (7/4/08)

5. "Paper-Writing Tips and Other Links You Shouldn't Miss" — Quick-and-easy steps for writing a research paper. Plus, information you need to know. (6/17/08)

4. "Country Weddings... Ah, the Twittersphere" — Rants about Twitter and the top 10 things you might hear at a West Virginia wedding (just for fun, not for making fun of). (6/28/08)

3. "Annual Report, Best/Worst TV Shows" — Some discussion of PR work in doing an annual report, then the top five best and worst shows on TV today. (6/23/08)

2. "Journalism vs. Public Relations Writing, Ethics" — What do you think are the differences between writing and making ethical decisions in the two fields? (7/7/08)

And the #1 post so far is...

1. "Can You Top the Greatest Superheroes of All Time?" — People have really enjoyed commenting on this post, and it has been viewed a ton of times. If you haven't checked it out or commented, be sure to do so. If you have an idea for a related post, shoot it my way, or even put together a guest post for me. I'd love to have more content similar to this, as it has enjoyed a very favorable reception.

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