Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Relatively Redesigned

What?!?! The Relatively Journalizing title banner is today's post's banner? Well, if that's the first change you've noticed, perhaps you'd better go get the ol' prescription re-evaluated. Yes, the blog has been redesigned. I think the black-on-white theme will be easier to read (therefore perhaps saving you from that updated prescription for just a bit longer), and the new title banner is a little less cluttered. I was pretty attached to the other one, above, because it had so many items that were important to me. Left, is the Memorial Fountain at Marshall University that commemorates the lives of 75 players, coaches and fans who died in a plane crash. Middle, you see fog rising up around the New River Gorge Bridge, the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. The bridge is located in Fayette County, W. Va., the place I grew up. Next, the hybrid image just left of the right photo includes three things: VT football fans in the background, Burruss Hall at the center of the VT campus and a swooshing Mill Mountain Star, which overlooks Roanoke, Va. The far right image is of the waterfall at the Cascades in Pembroke, Va., quite a beautiful sight and a fun hike to get to.

So, the old title banner is retired. I thought this would also be a good opportunity to review some of the cooler banners I've used for blog posts in the first month of the blog's existence. Feel free to comment on today's post and let me know which one you like best and why. Perhaps I'll do a redux version for an upcoming post. Maybe I'll even feature you, your blog or something you designate in your comment as a thank-you for commenting about the banners. Here they are:

NRV Sunset with Roanoke Lights

PHD Comics, Skull-A-Day and Iron Man Guest Star

Hulk and Social Spark (green) Guest Star

Upside-down AP, Brokaw and Tank Man (Newgrounds) Guest Star

TV test, adjusted opacity over static

Cellphone photography at Moe's

As I said, I'd love your comments about the visuals of the new blog, recent content, etc. I posted yesterday at the end of the In Defense of Geeks column (which also got an update today in red text) that I am going to start trying to give the blog more focus with less scattering of links, stories, work/internship updates, etc., in a single post. So, maybe you can expect more than one post a day sometimes just to post a link. Maybe not. We'll see. And yes, I'll still be adding as much fun content as possible while also discussing current issues in PR and journalism and chronicling my internship.

What can you expect in upcoming posts? Well, expect a Bond-themed post in honor of the Bond 22 trailer releasing yesterday. Check it out on the official Web site. Also, expect something about how ANGRY I get when people forward false e-mails without even an inkling of thought or fact-checking. I get so ANGRY when people spread rumors about Barack Obama or any other candidate, and there are so many people who REFUSE to face the facts out there... all in the name of Jesus, in the case of most of those e-mails. Well you know what? I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't spread lies about people, and neither should you just because you're paranoid about a black man. FOR THE LAST TIME (probably not the last time actually): Is Barack Obama a Muslim?


Brenda said...

Ahhh! I'm not the only one still fiddlin' with my blog! I'm always tweaking something. on the banners, definitely "Cellphone photography at Moe's" ... better eye flow ... although it does make me hungry!

JD said...

Thanks for your comment. Maybe I'll keep experimenting with cellphone photography when I see opportunities.