Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Today's blog post is going to be a quick update on how things are going for me this summer. I'll try to get back to more great lists, videos and PR/journalism blogs posts as soon as possible, but I'm really swamped with work right now.

I just finished up my last article for New River Valley Magazine this week, which will run in the Sept./Oct. edition, lovingly referred to as the "football edition." I started a new position as an editorial assistant at the Roanoke Times this week, which means no more freelancing. And yes, I'm still working on getting my graduate internship hours at Access. My biggest projects for the internship right now are working on social marketing campaigns and putting together pieces for an annual report. At the new newspaper job, I'm mostly working on events calendars and other similar tidbits, but today I got lucky and was dispatched out for a story.

I had been at my desk about an hour and a half, when... well, just read my blog post in the New River Notebook. (Adventures on the Blue Ridge Parkway)

Oh, you're back already? Great! So, I'll try to post the actual story link when it runs, which I believe will be in tomorrow's NRV Current, a Roanoke Times insert.

Well, in about another 50 hours of work, I'll finish up my internship. By then, it'll be back to graduate school to start my last year. That means I'll start teaching again (unless I hear back about a different assistantship I applied for), on top of school and newspaper duties. But, I just finished my last training period with the Army National Guard this month (I officially separate in October). So, without the Army and freelancing jobs, I think everything will even out to become manageable in the end.

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