Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Country Roads Took Me Home

Well, my last week of training with the Army is over. I spent Saturday and today (Sunday) enjoying the countrysides of West Virginia. It's funny how the mountains never leave you. You can "sophisticate" yourself, but the accent and the love of redneck things always comes back if you give it time. I almost died from Internet withdrawal (and boredom once or twice), but being back home reminds me of the simple things to be thankful for in life. A quiet "holler" (hollow, for you city slickers), a faithful hound dog, a sweet blueberry or an exciting ATV ride can all put a smile on your face. If you live in a rural area already, then you understand what I mean. If you are from the city, or if you just haven't been home to the country for a while, plan a trip soon. You may leave conflicted about your "big plans" for a successful career in the city, but you definitely won't leave without a full stomach, fresh air in your lungs, and laughter still reminiscent in your ears.

Hope you had a good weekend, and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers. Please tell your friends about Relatively Journalizing, and subscribe to our RSS feed if you haven't. Tell your friends too!

This week, I should be back to regularly posting more great material on the blog for your reading pleasure. Expect another internship update, an update about my new job at the newspaper and hopefully a post about my six-year Army contact coming to an end. Stay tuned!

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