Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Waiting Game

Found out more about what I'll be doing later in the week — a project that will be more of a shadowing experience than anything, watching a real pro deliver some content to a group. My main role will be getting a news release package together about everything. Sounds pretty fun! Any PR pros out there have advice for putting together packages to distribute to media after public information meetings and such?

Placed more e-mails and phone calls than I care to count today continuing work on the annual report. Summertime = vacations = people not in their office until July. However, it also seems summertime = loooooong lunches for some people. Well, at any rate, I've got voicemails on the phones of people I need to talk to, and they have e-mails of the same request in their inboxes. Now, I wait. Any professionals in journalism or PR out there who have advice about what to do during this waiting game when you are caught up on/don't have other projects at the time? I like to use the time to increase my knowledge of the subject(s) by researching, and sometimes you come across answers to your questions or other people to talk to and don't have to keep waiting.

Same waiting game with a story for the paper today too, but at least I did get a reply... yeah, vacation there too, but I think the assistant director will be able to help me out. At any rate, I feel as though I got a lot done today, though I didn't finish anything, I chipped away at it all. Well, it's not 5 p.m. yet, so I may still get some calls and/or e-mails returned before it's over with. Mainly just wanted to go ahead and post for today because tonight it's Japanese food and bowling for the VT COMM grad students and friends (really, we should make a group called VTCGS&F... or not).

Yesterday, I had dinner at Red Robin, and the robin was there hanging out with the kids. I was able to capture this cute picture:

Aaannnnddd to the linkage:

Apple: Service = Marketing?

Green consumer demographics... so-called green consumers more likely to use almost all types of media, it seems.

McDonald's using internal blogging for internal communications (but judging from people I've seen at our local Mickey D's, I'm not so sure any of them will care).

More journalists becoming PR practitioners
... duh.

Finally, MySpace should have a redesign by fall. Will it keep people from making dumb design decisions such as putting black text on wallpapers of outer space? Will it keep porn stars from adding me as friends? Will it keep marijuana ads off my wall posts? Will it be superior to Facebook? (My guess is no to all of the above.)

Journalist looking for an expert? Expert looking for a journalist? Can reporting and relating get any easier than this?

When things fail, this blog is there.

I don't know if I'm ready to commit to this, as I really am used to and love Firefox, but if any social networking junkies out there are ballsy enough to try this new browser, let me know how it works out: Flock to it.

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